About Us

Welcome to the universe see iouwhere sustainability is our cornerstone, but without neglecting style, design and impeccable finishes.
Honesty, versatility, attitude and integrity, four words that summarize the DNA of see iou. see ious DNA, which come to life in each of our designs.
The honesty with ourselves and honesty with our clients, you are our axis and everything revolves around your experience at see iou. see iou to be unique.
The versatility is our way of continually drawing attention to a world of contrasts and especially to the key of see iou.
The attitude in relation to us, to you and to our collaborators, always looking for certified suppliers and taking care of the eco-sustainability of each of our articles and the traceability of our materials.
The integrity is our dedication and loyalty to our customers, always taking care of our ethical and environmental responsibilities.
see iou is formed by a group of creative, dreamy and rebellious people who do not conform to the status quo and want to leave their mark in the fashion world through the fusion of femininity and attitude, being the core and signature of the brand.
Our brand is a tribute and a realization for all women who dare to stand out from the crowd, to be special, different, showing every contradictory side of their personality and style from elegance.
We are globally connected, but our values are based on sustainable production, artisanal workshops and local suppliers and an ethical commitment to employment. We want to change the rules of the fashion industry by contributing to improve the quality of life of underprivileged communities in our countries of origin (manufacturers)".
We believe that our value lies in creating an ethical, sustainable, value-driven brand, but that knows how to bring collections in a perfect balance between quality, design and price, making eco-sustainable, luxury and beautiful fashion accessible to all women.
see iou you are you, you are part of our essence, we will not let you down, we will be loyal and honest, we will never abandon our principles, are you up for the adventure?
Our commitment to the use of more sustainable materials every year with the goal of reaching 100% of sustainable materials in our entire collection, in our packaging and the commitment to reduce the use of plastics to the maximum.
We are committed to a textile industry that guarantees the traceability of the manufacturing process and works with certified companies.
We are committed to MODA ESPAÑA certification and the essence of MADE IN SPAIN.
We are committed to CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON processed through organic textile fibers whose production chain is based on ecofriendly production and compliance with social criteria.
We are committed to viscose fibers derived from renewable sources using certified eco-renewable materials in the production process to meet the highest standards of compliance with environmental protection standards.
We use recycled and EU-certified polyester from PET bottles and recovered fishing nets.
We believe in our responsibility to the planet and our commitment to care for the environment, we bet on certified production units that ensure full compliance with the main standards of social commitment to all people involved in the production process.
Join us on an exciting journey that improves our environmental footprint every step of the way.
see iou